Immigration to the U.S. is complex and difficult. It is always best to consult an attorney.

Since 2011, I have been working from Champaign, Illinois to help clients throughout the world secure permanent status in the U.S.


We offer a free telephone consultation to any potential client, so please call us at 217-729-2603.

While we cannot advise you to undertake any specific action, we can discuss the elements that can establish eligibility, and determine if there is a case we could further explore.

When we identify a possible case, many details of an applicant's history or sitution can create a basis for denial, or require a waiver. All are important to developing a case narrative for USCIS.


Initial interviews are 90 minutes and can be conducted in-person or remotely.

For family-based cases, the initial interview costs $150, and we will provide an initial list of documentation to collect that we review together in the meeting.

For employment-based cases, the initial interview costs $250, and we will provide a list of documents we need to review in advance. 

At the end of an initial interview we will either:

- Explain any reasons why the case would not succeed, and anything you might be able to do to improve the facts.

- Outline how we would present the case, and offer you an agreement for representation.


We provide consultation on specific issues for $200 (up to one hour advance document review and research, one hour meeting), for example:

- Implications for future immigration eligibility of any contemplated actions.

- Review of completed immigration forms related to a single filing.

- Advising on preparation of a response to a USCIS Request for Evidence.


Consultations on more complicated issues are also available for $400 (up to three hours advance document review and research, one hour meeting):

- Implications of criminal charges or plea bargains for current and future immigration status (for immigrants or defense counsel).

- Meeting with a sponsor to review financial documentation and prepare an I-864 Affidavit of Support.

- Review and explanation of procedures at a specified overseas U.S. embassy.