Discover Employment-based immigration options that can enrich your organization and connect you with top-tier global talent. 

H-1B: Empower your team with specialized knowledge and expertise through the H-1B visa program for professionals in specialized occupations 

O-1: Bring extraordinary talent to your organization with the O-1 Visa, designed for individuals with exceptional abilities in the arts, scie4nces, or business. 

L-1 visa: Strengthen your global operations with the L-1 Visa, a strategic solution for transferring key employees within multinational organizations 

R visas: Support your religious community and its mission with the R Visa, designed for ministers and religious workers. 

Other:(E-2, E-3, TN, P visas) " Explore additional visa options tailored to specific industries, countries, and talent pools, such as E-2, E-3, TN and P visas. 

EB-2 and EB-3: Build a stable future for your organizations and its valued employees through EB-2 and EB-3 employment-based green card categories