Spousal Visas

An immediate relative petition allows a spouse to apply for an immigrant visa and automatically receive a Green Card on arrival in the United States.

Spousal Adjustment

Prevent unnecessary travel and potential lengthy separations by adjusting status within the United States based on an approved petition.

Fiancé Visa Applications

Bring your loved one to the United States through the fiancé visa process to marry here and avoid the need to prove a marital relationship in advance.

Other Relatives

Parents and children of citizens may qualify for visas with immediate relative or preference category petititons.

Removal of Conditions

Prove a marriage was bona fide to replace a two-year conditional Green Card with a permanent version before the expiration date, even if the marriage ended.


Demonstrate eligibility to naturalize by proving good moral character after five years as a permanent resident (or three if married to a citizen).

Visitor Visas

Prove your financial resources and demonstrate the purpose of your visit to be eligible to come to the United States for business or tourism.

Extension of Stay

Extend your temporary authorized stay legally to avoid status violations and unlawful presence that can make you permanently inadmissible to the United States.

Treaty Investors

Treaty Partner citizens can earn renewable temporary residency to build and run a business with a moderate investment if it creates local jobs.

Practical Training

Students can apply for one year of work authorization in their field after completing each degree level (with a one-time two-year extension for STEM graduates).

Outstanding Professors

Employers can make a Green Card petition for outstanding academicians to whom they offer a tenure-track position or permanent research job.

Extraordinary Ability

Apply for an O visa or Green Card based on sustained national or international acclaim in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.